My Approach

I create intuitive user experiences, that are attractive and accessible.
On every single project I make sure the work I produce meets the needs of your business.

A collaborative design

I encourage as much or as little involvement as you want.


Since 2017, I have been working in a permanent role at an intranet technology called Interact based in Manchester city centre.
This role involves driving forward the product's ux, our design system, and customisation for clients on a project-by-project basis. Due to the sensitive information and client NDA's - it is slow to gain authorisation and share my recent design work publicly.

I share Interact examples on my Behance page - linked below.
Alternatively, you can keep scrolling for an overview of my freelance service, or indeed to contact me :)

A seamless experience

A background in visual design; a passion for making users feel good.

Work Screenshots (archive)

Web, UI & UX

A selection of websites, mobile designs and user interfaces i've designed.

Artwork & Banners

Other work including web and print banners, and various marketing collateral for customer campaigns.


If you have a project that goes beyond the scope of services offered here, I am happy to work on isolated parts of the project or take ownership of the project and outsource avenues of work to other reliable folks in my network.


Akendi (Accrediated Training Centre) Exerpience Mapping and UX Fundamentals Course.

University of Leeds BA (Hons) in New Media

Wilmslow High School Maths, I.T. and Design

The Kingsway School 10 GCSE grades A-B


During my career I have tried to spread my attention over various modern design techniques.
These are my core competencies:

  • Design/UI: Adobe (XD, Photoshop), Figma, Sketch, Invision90%

  • UX: Wireframing, Journey Analysis, Strategy90%

  • Code: Visual Studio (or equivalent), CSS, HTML, LESS/SASS, Bootstrap 85%

  • CMS management, Wordpress, Joomla 70%


We were looking for a website with a touch of modernism. Robert grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. When feedback was needed, modifications were made very quickly. We really appreciated Rob’s flexibility and efficiency.Anne Morgan, Communications Officer
Rob was always a joy to work with, very level-headed in his approach with a broad appreciation of all the factors involved in creating successful new media applications. Ian Naysmith, Freelance Graphic Designer
I have worked with Rob on numerous projects at Interact. His work has been of a consistently high quality and his dedication to his work has always helped ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.Alex Malbon, Senior Developer
Rob worked as a web designer, working closely with the development team. He has an excellent ability to create striking website designs, work on parallel projects and effectively manage his time in a fast paced working environment. Will Pidgeon, Technical Manager
Rob is a very talented and creative individual, with excellent design skills and knowledge within a digital platform. We worked together translating client requests into viable web designs, and consistently achieved results which customers were delighted with. Richard Parkes, Project Manager

General Process

As a designer, I know my job entails helping you sell a service or product. I have honed a process to follow each time which has helped tremendously in achieving the required results for your project.

How I Begin

One of the most important steps in the design process is accumulating the information I need. This is usually achieved by either a completed questionnaire, or even an in-person meeting - whatever you prefer.

No two projects are the same - Indeed, the differences can be huge between the stakeholders involved, whether it is a new product, a straight up re-design, a micro-project like an HMTL email, or iterative UX work on an already launched item.
However starting points generally include gathering a mix of the following:

  • Corporate Profile – A summary of your business and evaluation of the company’s service/product
  • Foundations of Success – What’s the ultimate purpose of the project?
  • User Market – the age, gender, income, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you want to reach
  • Objectives – What quantifiable results are you hoping to achieve? How do we define success?
  • Schedule/Deadline – A realistic plan for the project delivery.

At this stage I usually request a 25% deposit of the overall estimated project cost.


After we’ve met and I have a firm understanding of the task at hand, I'll promptly move onto the research.

This phase usually entails taking into account competitors, market trends, product/service differentiators, the history of the business, and the future of it as well.

Any research you can contribute to the project can also be key.

Project Plan

This is all about establishing a timeframe for each section of the project, devising the tasks into a plan and starting work on the first.

It's at this stage I'll decide whether to outsource the development work.

Prototyping, Wireframing

The idea is to then create preliminary design concepts based on the strategy that's agreed upon. Ideas are shortlisted, and sense–checked against the Brief. I will sketch layouts and storyboards from collected inspiration.

Design Work

The idea here is to create different options before choosing the most viable one. With your help, these ideas can them be narrowed down to a couple of ideas for further development and refinement. Once we are ready, a first draft mockup is worked up and a style guide/supporting documents ready to be presented.

Presentation, Testing and Refinement

After development of the agreed aesthetic, it's now time to present a URL with the first draft of the design. It’s now your time to have a second review and provide feedback based on your original objectives and target user needs etc.

I'll then proceed with final amends. This process can cycle between the two parties a few times, but I find with consistent communication from start to finish, expectations are more clearly managed.


Once the website or product is built, it's now time to conduct final user testing on the website. Depending on whether a continued UX analysis of the project is required, this will be the final stage of the initial project launch.

Get In Touch

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Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 days. Pricelists/Curriculum Vitae available on request.